Thursday, January 5

"Dear archers,

As the year is coming to an end, I'll like to remind you guys on what I'd shared during the AGM. 

Korean archers have been so good in archery not because they are Korean, but because they have trained enough to be this good. 
Likewise, NP archers have been doing well in competitions and bringing back the Poly-ITE cup for the 5th time not because we are NP archers, but because the seniors have been training hard enough to achieve all these.

I hope you guys always remember that winning don't just come like this. It comes with hard work, hard work and hard work. Input = Output."

As said in the Facebook post of our old vice-president Tan Silie, the reason Ngee Ann Archery Club have been winning all these years is not because we are Ngee Ann archers but because of the hard work we put into training.

Coach is very upset and disappointed with the attendance nowadays. All training are compulsory. How many time do you have to be reminded.

Going out with your friends or relatives (including BBQs, Chalet, and Birthday celebration) is NOT a valid reason to skip training. Training is only on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I am very sure that you can go out on other days or after training. Manage and Balance your own time well if you truly want to succeed.

You will not skip school to attend outing or other events and Training is as official as going to school. In the past, any archers with attendance below 80% every semester will not be eligible to take part in any of the competitions. Also, there will be trial held before every competition and only those who hit the minimum score required are allow to take part. We took away these rules so that the archers can have more freedom and opportunities but i think that we have given too much.

We used to train the whole week during the holidays. It had already been reduced to only 4 days but some people are still not turning up. Especially when Coach is not around, it does not give you the right to choose whether to attend training or not. Do not take this luxury we gave you for granted.

It is your choice to choose whether to listen but if you fall, blame yourself.

"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."
~ Les Brown

Your senior.