Monday, February 20

Hi archers,

The following archers are shooting for NTU Open,


NP - Hades: Keith, Kelvin, Quan Jie
NP - Zeus: Kevin, Aven, Wei Siong

FITA 900:

NP - Poseidon: Jun Xiong, Alfred, Sam
NP - Chronos: Lek Kiang, Zul, Guo Feng
NP - Artemis: Adeline, Hwee Ping, Xiao Hui
NP - Aphrodite: Amirah, Ingrid, Clara


NP - Titans: Henry, Firdaus, Yi Qi
NP - Perseus: Amos, Max, Norman
NP - Atlas: Serena, Qin yu, Xiao Jun
Individual: Nicole, Farhan


Individual: Shawn, Geng Meng

Archers shooting for NTU Open are require to pay $28 for the registration fee, Qin yu and Serena will be collecting from you during training time.

Take note that training will resume on Saturday (25/2/12), with is the start of training camp. Do bring enough money as we will not be providing food through out the training camp. You are require to bring two 1.5 little water bottle to training camp.  

This is the final lap of your exam, study hard and I will be seeing you all at the field on Saturday same time. =)

Quan Jie