Friday, April 6

Hello Archers,

there will be no training tomorrow, April 7th Saturday. However, it is expected that everyone turn up at Tampines West to support those competing tomorrow.

Supporters and competitors alike, are to wear the blue competition jersey.

Competitors, please reach the field punctually at 7.30am.
As for the supporters, you may arrive at a later time. However, please do reach by 11am.


On a side note, this is to inform all archers that there will be a new rule introduced. Starting next semester, archers would be required to fulfill an attendance of 80%. Failure to do so would mean being disallowed from competing.


And to graduated seniors who still visit the blog:
Please do take note that your equipment needs to be cleared from the cage before the new semester starts, otherwise, it would be deemed as a donated equipment to the school.

That will be all. (: