Sunday, May 27

Hello Archers! (:

Time is drawing ever closer to our favourite... LEISURE CAMP!
Here are the details concerning the first day of camp.
Date: 11th June
Time: 10am
Place: Blk 80 Study Area
Please have breakfast before you come!
Also, it is vital that you bring the $15 for the camp; if not, you will not receive the camp tee.
The packing list for the camp will be posted here soon, so do keep tabs on the blog.

One last thing.
Indemnity forms are to be handed to Clara (98108229) latest by next week.
Those who have yet to hand in the forms, do message/call Clara, she will give you details about when to hand it to her.

That will be all for this post.
Keep checking back for additional info!
Study hard archers, we'll meet again at camp itself. (: