Wednesday, May 9

Hello juniors,

Here is a video of the world legendary Park Sung Hyun, a world champion archer from South Korea. She holds the women's world record for a 70m 72-arrow round, set at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and won a gold medal with her team in both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. She has the women's world record in a FITA Round with 1405/1440 points. (

One of her secrets of shooting so well is because she have a near perfect form. Please watch carefully and learn how she anchors and how she releases her arrow.

Make her your role model for form training and once you have done that, your scores will surely increase. Shooting 10s and Xs at 10m is meaningless. Having the correct and consistent form now should be your top priority to increase your standards to go further. That will allow you to shoot 10s and Xs any distance you go. 

Therefore archers, watch and remember her movements and compare it with your own. During your next training, imagine her shooting form in your mind copy it while shooting. For group 3 archers, i will record down some videos of your shooting form and we will compare it with hers to let you understand better.

Good luck.

Keith Teo
Your Ex Vice President.