Thursday, June 7

Dear archers,

A friendly reminder to all of you

Leisure Camp 2012
11th to 14th June
Meet at Blk 80 Study Area at 10am

Here is the packing list:
-Around 7 sets of clothes
 (2 sets of dark colored clothing for dirty/wet games)
-Sleeping Bag (This is very impt unless you want to sleep on the floor)
-Personal medication (if any)
-EZ-link card with minimum $10 stored value
-Sweater/jacket (optional)
-Small umbrella/Poncho
-Water bottle(At least 1 litre)
-Extra cash(Not more than $50)(Rmb the $15 for camp fee)
-Small bag to put things (optional)

*You may bring your laptops if you wish to but it will be at your own risk as the club is not responsible for any loss of personal valuables.