Thursday, June 14

Hi all,

Hope you all had fun at leisure camp! This is a reminder that training will resume this coming Saturday, 16th June. All archers are to be at the field by 8.50am with your bow set up, and ready for warm up. If you arrive after warm up has started, you will be considered late and will have to do punishment. (Juniors, 50 burpees, and Seniors, 200 burpees). 

Additionally, coach is inviting all NP archers (juniors included) to her house for a BBQ party. The BBQ date is 21/6/12 (Thursday). Please note that there will still be training. However, it will end in the afternoon, in light of this event. If you want to come for this BBQ, please let me know latest by Saturday, 16th June, during training. because coach wants to know the number of archers who are going. also, do keep in mind that the BBQ will not be free~ You can contact me via SMS (97361884) or facebook ( coach's house is beside kovan MRT station.

Quan Jie