Friday, August 31

Morning Runs Timing and Distance.

Good Morning Archers!

I hope you guys enjoyed the training camp (esp, the bow trainings and burpees, haha) and i'm pretty sure you guys have bonded more with your team members during these four days! 

Today I will be posting the timing and distance we ran for the last three days. 

Day 1
Distance : 2.1 KM 
Time: 18 mins 27 secs

Day 2
Distance: 2.8 KM
Time: 29 mins 44 secs

Day 3 (I accidentally ended the run halfway)
Distance: 4 km
Time: ~ 33 mins

As you guys can see, we ran longer distance each day! Aren't you guys proud? lol
Oh and remember to do more stretching if your thighs and calves are aching :)

till next time,