Friday, September 7

Attention, Attention~

Hello Archers

Firstly, apologies for the delayed notification, but regarding your concerns with tomorrow's trainings, the junior archer's training will be a half-day affair. However, you are still expected to turn up at 8am sharp with your equipment already set up and the boards all ready for training. All late-coming punishments apply.

Again, i expect text notifications should you be unable to turn up.

As for the seniors, we will be having a full day of training, so see you there bright and early at 8am too!

-------------- ~ --------------

Now, there are several issues to be addressed, so please grant this blogpost a slight bit more attention.

Our first issue of the day is with regards to the previous post. If you are completely unaware of what i'm speaking off, please spare some time to read through what Firdaus has posted.

Well it has come to our attention that only a handful of archers follow the roster that Firdaus has painstakingly planned. I encourage you all to pay closer attention and appreciate his efforts at helping us work better together as a club.

This roster is meant to ease the lot of you into sharing the tedious task of pushing the trolley to and fro from the store. A task which i personally find Firdaus and Henry labouring through every morning, and every evening, when no one else steps up to help.

I implore you all to follow the schedule, for reasons being so that it is not always the same group of people always helping. The trolley carries the club's equipment, which, at some point of time you'd definitely use and therefore, is a shared responsibility.

This mild warning not only applies to the junior archers, but also, to the senior archers as well. However, fret not, as i will endeavour to help Firdaus enforce this among ourselves.

The second issue of note is with regards to the use of vulgarities on the field. Although i cannot be one to preach, i must remind you all that there are consequences that follows every breach of this rule. Please be aware that the loose tongue will cost you a dollar every word.

While it certainly seems like extortion (even to me), i believe it is required to help curb that vulgarity-friendly mouth of ours. For one thing, i've learnt that it doesn't leave good impressions for others. What worse, if they stereotype and think our whole club is like that.

I shall coin a phrase in peevish acceptance, that there is no gain if there is no pain. Trust me when i say, the pinch you feel in that pocket now will teach you valuable lessons to remember years from now.

And on the note of extortion-ism (if there is such a word)... Crude hand gestures now cost money too! Along with this, the absence of a bottle and a towel during trainings as well!

The third and final (like, finally) issue that i must bring to light is... RESPECT.

Yes, i'm well aware you guys can be very innocent angels when need be, and i'm not referring to how you must say your 'please' and 'thank you's. But what i'm referring to is the minute aspects that often go unnoticed, but can mean a lot to others.

Firstly, when/if you need to leave the field early, and coach is around, please say bye to her. Its basic courtesy! It's so painful, in an awkward manner, to watch you all walk off without saying a word to her. So please keep this in mind alright?

Secondly, during trainings, when you're on the shooting line or when we're having serious talks, quit running that smart mouth of yours. I'm especially concerned with this. Outside the sphere of teasing and casual conversation, and especially when it's not the time and place to joke around, i will not tolerate rude and insolent remarks.

I do not care if it's me you're talking to, or if its Ingrid, or your fellow year-mates. I do not care if you're younger or you're older, i do not care if you've been in archery for a longer period of time or if you're more outgoing than others, or if you're renowned to have a smart mouth... basic respect for one another is absolutely necessary.

Please keep this in mind. You can be the world's most sarcastic/bitter person, but when you're speaking with someone, especially someone you'd regard as a senior (whether in terms of age or rank or year in poly), you better try your darnest to give them their due respect.

And well, that sums up everything i have to say. Enjoy your day off and see you all tomorrow.

With lots of love >:)