Friday, September 28

Greetings Archers!

As you all know, POLITE's at the end of October. We've got one month left, so be sure to give it your all!

Coach has come up with a schedule for the next month, and i'll be posting it on the blog so you'll know what to expect when you come down for training!

29th Sept:

  • MORNING: Team Event (10 rounds)*
* if any of your teammates do not appear for training, and you're unable to form your own team, other archers from the same distance are encouraged to join them, and train for this event.

2nd Oct:

  • MORN: Team Event (10 rounds)*
  • AFTERNOON: Ranking (2 rounds), IKO

4th Oct:

  • MORNING: Scoring (2 rounds), Team Event (4 rounds)
  • AFTERNOON: Round Robin, Team Event / Mission
if your team is not complete, archers will do mission instead. details of the mission can be referred to below.

6th Oct:

  • WHOLE DAY: Team Round Robin*


  • MORNING: Ranking (2 rounds)
  • AFTERNOON: Lucky Draw IKO

11th Oct:

  • MORNING: Scoring (4 rounds)
  • AFTERNOON: Scoring (4 rounds), Mission

13th Oct:

  • WHOLE DAY: Team Event*

16th Oct:

  • Scoring (2 rounds)
  • Mission
school would have started by then, so start scoring the moment you reach.

18th Oct:

  • Scoring (2 rounds)
  • Mission

20th Oct:

  • MORNING: Scoring (4 rounds)
  • AFTERNOON: Team Event*

23rd Oct:

  • Scoring (2 rounds)
  • Team Event**
** for those that cannot form a complete team, just shoot as per normal. no need to score.

25th Oct:

  • WHOLE DAY: No Scoring
final checks for your equipment must be done and completed.

And then at the end of this schedule, will be POLITE! So while its still the holidays, try your best to turn up for trainings and work hard! Those with teams especially, please do turn up for trainings so you guys can get to know your team better and work more smoothly together!



  • Guys: 10-points
  • Girls: Yellow

  • All: 10-points

  • Guys: 10-points
  • Girls: Yellow

  • All: 10-points

For archers who are not competing in this POLITE, do not despair, for there will be other competitions and opportunities after POLITE for you to experience!

Its time to show what you've got! All the best, and work hard!