Sunday, October 7

20 more days till POL-ITE.

A good evening to all my archers. If you are reading this, GOOD JOB! you are reading the NP archery blog very faithfully, i like! From the title of this blogpost, you should know that POL-ITE is coming in 20 more days and for those blur kings and queens, yes, POL-ITE is on the 27 and 28th of October 2012. Nope, I didn't write this post to scare you but just wanna pen down all the wonderful memories we have shared as a club. : ' ) and it is definitely something worth remembering in the greater years to come. I don't know if i have any rights to say this but i can safely say that you guys have trained hard, doing bow trainings even after training has ended. Even when some of the seniors gave you burpees for the things you guys have not done, I'm glad you guys are willing to take the punishment together as a team. I as a senior couldn't ask for a more hardworking and corporative batch. I guess that's pretty much how i feel and i shall let the photos do the talking : )

Yufeng and Ben taking photos of the glorious rainbow we saw on an unofficial training day.

Glorious right? 

Can you guys spot yourself?

While waiting for the next set of bow training.

Serena so happy ah? HAHAHAHA

We braved many storms together. Always helping and carrying friends' bow and bag when it starts to pour.

Ran and did many PTs together.

ate many of Coach's yummy Kimbap.

And not to forget, many sunny and windy weathers that we've shared.

Many bonding sessions too.

You guys cleared the messy store and cage together :)

Stayed until very late even on a weekday training. 8am to 6/7pm? Omg, you guys are awesome, seriously! 

Even training continues when the sky is dark.

and lastly, always ready to run to and fro to collect our precious arrows.

I am definitely attached to this club and let's work very hard for the last week of holidays and when school starts, okay? :) and all the best for the intra-club this coming tuesday.

Love you guys so much,