Monday, October 29


Good job to all the archers for bringing back the POL-ITE cup for the 6th consecutive year. A very special thanks goes to those who did not participate but still came down, your support was greatly appreciated. Keep up the good effort and continue to work hard. To the juniors, though POL-ITE may have just ended, this is just the beginning of many more competitions to come.

For those archers who did not win anything this time around, do not be disheartened. Take this as motivation to train even harder for the next competition. The amount of hardwork you put in will reflect on your performance during competition itself. To those who did win medals, pat yourself on the back and celebrate your win but do not take it as an excuse to get complacent.

With that being said, do remember that there will be training this Tuesday. Everyone is still expected to come down for training, no excuses. Train hard but do not forget about your studies as well. That's all, see you guys on Tuesday!