Friday, October 26

Hey archers! (:

Tomorrow's the big day!! Just some reminders to take note of for tomorrow:

- You MUST bring your student pass; I cannot stress on this enough!
- All of you must bring a towel.
- Bring your score books and a pen.
- Everyone is to be attired in the competition jersey and shorts. For girls, your shorts must be no shorter than two finger spacings above your knee.

Attached with this post is a map of NYP, for your reference. If you are still unable to find your way to the field, feel free to contact any of us! Take note that all of you must report at the field latest by 7.30am. Tardiness will result in the usual punishment.

If there's anything that you're unsure of, don't hesitate to ask us! (:

Last but not least, here's wishing all of you the very best for POLITE tomorrow. All of your hard work and efforts have brought you to this day, so let's show them what we're made of! ;D

That would be all; good night, rest well, and I'll see all of you tomorrow at NYP.