Saturday, October 27

Hi archers,

Below are the archers who are qualify for tomorrow IKO and TKO:

IKO  Novice:
- mavis
- gail
- jay kay

IKO Standard:
- crystak
- cheryl
- yu feng
- myk

IKO Intermediate:
- xiao jun
- serena
- farhan
- yi qi

IKO Open:
- alfred
- quan jie
- amirah

IKO Compound:
- shawn
- geng ming

TKO novice:
- pearlyn, gail, mavis
- zhan xian, jay kay, guoming

TKO Standard:
- Ben, myk, yu feng
- crystal, cheryl, nicole

TKO Intermediate:
- Serena, Qin yu, Xiao jun
- Firdaus, Amos, Yi qi

TKO Open:
- quanjie, clara

Tomorrow morning there will be a shoot out between cheryl and cindy from rp. Do come down early and support her!  A reminder to you all that bring your student card along also, and do hydrate yourself! thats all see you all tomorrow!