Sunday, November 25

Hi guys!

Now that AGM is over and the committee positions are passed down. I realised that I did not post anything here on this blog over the year when I was in the committee. So... I'm here to write my first and probably the last post. ^^

So everyone (or most of us) know that we are going to have a super long break for common test and stuff till next year right, I think most of us will feel very lost during next few weeks. So, I am here to give you guys some suggestions (mostly from coach. |: ) and ideas of what to do during the break.

1) Do bow training at home/or in school with the rest of the archers
We will need serious bow trainings as we won't be shooting for at least a month. So guys, let's do this! Do bow training until you shag, until you cannot even lift your arms and come back to training with super stable bow arm, faster clicking time and ultra low shoulder when shooting.

2) GYM
Go with anybody, alone also can. But if seriously interested, I think you guys can find Benjamin, Yufeng, Honghui, Zhanxian and Jaykay for gym sessions, they very on one. (On a side note, they also very chiong.)
Train mainly upper body (shooting muscles) and those who feel that they have enough upper body training already can try training your legs and core, try to strengthen them as archery don't just require back muscles and coach also mentioned that we all have thin legs. HAHAHA.

3) HANGOUTS! (Life don't just revolve around classes, projects and assignments when there's no training.)
But then again, studies come first. Other than that, sports, food or whatever outing, just invite, just organise. Don't think that taking a break from training means  you guys won't meet for the whole entire break. Since we are taking a break, we might as well take the chance to build more bonds and team spirit. Also, training camp will still be on after common test. (Most probably on 15 Dec to 17 Dec) So do check the blog often for updates regarding training and everything. The training camp will be a fun one trust me, even though I'm not the one planning it. ^^

So lastly, as the term is ending and common test is approaching, I hope you guys can do well for the test. To those who have projects only, have fun and don't get too stress out! And to those who have both, best of luck man, may the odds be ever in your favour.

All right! AGM was really fun to me and I hope you guys had fun too!