Saturday, January 12

New Training schedule to SP Open

Dear archers,

As mentioned by Coach. We need more trainings to prepare us better for SP open as many of us still do not have the strength due to the long holiday break. So here's the new trainings schedule for the next 2 weeks till SP open.


-Tuesday & Thursday-
Training will be change to 4pm instead of 5pm. So for those who end lesson early come straight to the field. Training will end at 7pm with 3 sets of bow trainings + 40 push ups

Warm up will start at 8am on the dot. For any l min that we delay = 10 push ups. Saturday training will end at 4pm with 1 set of bow training. Late comers is a nono situation.


-Monday, Wednesday, Friday-
For this sessions we will only shoot if there are no other CCAs using the field. In the case where the field is occupied, BOW TRAINING will be conducted for at least 1hr before heading home.

Archers MUST at least COME for 1 session on either Mon, Wed or Fri. For the other 2 sessions will be optional for you all. IF u think u need more trainings to build up strength or to achieve good results in upcoming SP open, just come.

Yufeng or ME will be there to lead the bow trainings / shooting. PLS text Yufeng AND Me on which session u are coming for. 
Venue : FIELD (shooting) or STUDY AREA (Bow Training)
Timing : 530pm to 830pm

Archers i know this 2 weeks is gonna be tough for u & me. But i really hope everyone stick together & persevere through! I do understand that academically, you will be affected but u must plan ur schedule well and do not hesitate to come more Sessions (mon,wed,fri) if u are free. I believe things are going uphill! so climb ahead :-) !

Once again a famous quote by Guatama Buddha
A Jug is filled DROP by DROP

Jay kay.