Tuesday, January 1

Open House 2013

Hi guys! This year open house will be on the 5th, 7th and 8th of Jan (10am to 6pm).

This time we won't be promoting our club nor are we recruiting any members, instead we'll be promoting NP as a whole so be try to be enthusiastic and engage the visitors!

We will be situated at the admin field with other clubs for 'Gamesville' and there will be a board for 'tryouts' and a board for the '1 minute challenge'.

For the tryouts, there will be no time limit but visitors must at least try to shoot 3 arrows. Once visitors have tried the booth, they will be given a badge provided by sdar. There is no limit to the number of badges one visitor can collect and they are welcomed to try our booth as many times as they want.

 Basically, our 1 minute challenge is for each visitor to shoot 3 arrows. At least 2 out of 3 must be in the blue zone. If they have completed the station, a stamp will be rewarded on the back of their palm. A NP water bottle will be given to them either by us or sdar after they have collected 3 stamps from completing any 3 out of the 5 stations at 'Gamesville'.

  • Club Tee and shorts (minimal berms length)
  • Covered shoes ( Avoid white new shoes as we'll be at the field with rainy weather) 
  • Session A:10am-1pm
  • Session B:1pm-4pm
  • Session C:4pm-7pm 

Please stick to the roster that is given cause it'll be a busy event and manpower is important.You can change shifts as long as you find someone to replace you or message me if you have anything.
* Take note of your role for each day 

On another note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!:)