Saturday, February 23

Holiday Training

Dear Archers,

Congratulations to all for completing your exams! :D

Official training will start on Tuesday, 26th February 2013. Training days remain the same during the holidays just that we will start at 8am instead of 4pm on weekdays.

For those who are still confused, we are having training every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, start starting at 8am. Usual burpees will be given for latecomers.

Training camp has been postponed to next week, 4th to 7th March. However, the post celebrations dinner remains unchanged. The food has been ordered so do turn up for the event in the blue polo-t, jeans and shoes.

The post dinner celebrations is on 25th Feb, 6pm at Blk 20, Indoor Sports Hall.

The timing for the camp remains unchanged as well, report to BLK 81 study area by 8am.

Please do update me your attendance for the camp due to the change of dates, thank you.

Just a random note, this is the 1000th post for this blog. :)


Winners Train, Losers Complain