Tuesday, February 19

NTU Open

Dear Archers,

Hope most of you have cleared your papers. For those who still have one or two more, hang in there!

Anyway, NTU has sent out an email saying that NTU Open will be pushed back due to renovation works to the field that will be conducted in March. They will send out the invitation again when the time comes so please continue training in the meantime.

Talking about training, training camp is next week!! :D The official training will start with this camp. Please remember to hand in your indemnity forms by Wednesday (20/02/2013) to Pearlyn. Please also drop Jay Kay and me a message by tomorrow also if you need to leave during the camp (if you don't understand then just stay there throughout the camp.. :P).

See you guys next week! :D


Winners Train, Losers Complain