Wednesday, February 20

Training Camp 25th to 28th Feb @BLK 50

Dear Archers,

Hope you guys are doing fine for Test so far.. :)

Reporting Time: 0800 HRS
Reporting Venue: Study Area at Blk 81
Reporting Attire: Training attire (shirt and shorts/track pants with shoes)

DO NOT BE LATE. Usual punishment applies for latecomers.

Please take note that there are no meals provided throughout the whole camp so please make sure you bring enough money for your meals for the 4 days.


- Bow equipment 
( Including towel, water bottle & tool box )

- Backpack 
( Enough for 4 days. Examples: Shirts, shorts/track pants, socks, undergarments, towel , toiletries & slippers)


- Club tee + Jeans + Shoes 

This is a after pol-ite celebration for medalists winner. However the whole club is involve for this free dinner! CHEERS MAN! 
Credits to Yufeng.

Please do remember to bring the things that are compulsory. 50 burpees will be awarded per item to those who fail to do so.

If you have any doubts or queries about the camp, please do text Yufeng or me.
Please also let me know your reasons if you need to leave early or come late for the camp.