Tuesday, March 12

Holiday Trainings

Dear Archers,

As some of you might already know, there is to be STRICTLY NO SHOOTING AT ALL during unofficial training from now on.

Also, as there are alot of camps going on during this period of time, I will be posting up the training days on a weekly basis(latest by Sunday) so please keep a look out as to when there will be training.

There will be training this coming Thursday, same time same place. Saturday training will be replaced by the supporting of our compound archers at TWAC. Besides the OPEN category archers, everyone else are to turn up at TWAC.

On a side note, I would like those who send the training diary to coach to cc me a copy of it as well.

If you have any queries/questions, please do contact the captains. Thank you! :D


Winners Train, Losers Complain