Friday, March 8

Training + Gymming

Dear archers,

there will be no training next Tuesday (12/3) and Thursday (14/3) and absolutely no shootings during the weekdays. However, Saturday's training from 10am - 2pm will still be on for archers who are shooting the Open category for TWAC. The rest of the members, do go down to the competition venue to give our competing archers support! : )

In view of the cancelation of our trainings next week, gym sessions in school are strongly recommended, so as to maintain your strength. We will try to book the whole of gymwerkz if responses are overwhelming. If not, do try to go at different timings so as not to crowd the gym. If you are not sure of what you can do at gym, do ask those who go frequently or refer to the plan below. If you still do not have access to the gym, do sign up for their orientation as soon as possible.
Gym plan

Do feel free to contact Yu Feng, Jay Kay or me if you have any enquires.

Thanks! : )