Sunday, April 21

Fun Shoot!

Dear freshies,

Thank you for showing your keen interest in joining archery!

The following are the details for our fun shoot.
Date: Tues (23/4) and Thurs (25/4)
Time: 4pm ~ 5:30pm (Session 1)
          5:30pm ~ 7pm (Session 2)
Location: Blk 50 Field

If you are not sure where the field is, do meet us at the entrance of Makan Place, 4pm and 5:30pm for the sessions respectively!

If you have any inquiries, do feel free to email us at or just drop us a message at the chatbox on the right of the blog : )
We have also sent a SMS to those who have given us your contact number. So you can send your questions directly as well!

Thank you and I'll see you there! :D