Thursday, April 25

Information regarding training and Fun Shoot

Dear archers,

this post will be broken into two parts. First part regarding this Saturday's training, second part regarding fun shoot for next Tuesday.

There will be training this Saturday for the Year 2s and 3s ONLY. Same time same place, don't be late!! :p There will be no training for the Freshies.

The Fun Shoot has been postponed to next Tuesday due to inclement weather today, our sincerest apologies to those who had been waiting. To all Freshies out there please do come and join us for the fun shoot this coming Tuesday (30/04/2013). There will be 2 sessions:

Session 1. 4pm to 5.30pm
Session 2. 5.30pm to 7pm

For all those who are coming but do not know where the field is please meet at the entrance of Makan Place at 4pm or 5.30pm. For those who know where the field is you can proceed to the field directly. :) Please take note that there is no entrance to the field at Blk 50 so please do not gather there. It is termed Blk 50 field because it is situated directly behind the block. Just so you know we were not the ones who came up with the name, so please don't ask us why.

To the Year 2s and 3s there will be no training on Tuesday but please do come down to the field to help out for Fun Shoot!!

That's all for now! Please check back again regularly for any updates!!


Champions Train, Losers Complain