Wednesday, May 1

BAC 2013

Dear Archers,

BAC is this Saturday and Sunday! :)

Here are the details for the BAC:

Reporting Time: 9am @ LT 77
Reporting Attire: Sports Attire (Shirt, shorts, sports shoes)
What to bring: Writing Materials, Water Bottle, $40 (for BAC) and sufficient $$ for yourself

This will be the same for both Saturday and Sunday. The BAC will end around 4pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday.

Year 2 and 3 archers there will be a half day training this Saturday. Please set up the necessary and be ready for warm up by 7.50am. All archers are required to stay back after training to help out with BAC. You guys will need to come on Sunday too. Thank you for helping in advance! :D

To all archers, do let us know if you have any questions regarding training or BAC. You can either email us @ or SMS us. You should have one of the committee members' number by now. If not, you can contact me @ 9382 8312. We will be glad to answer your queries. See you this Saturday! :D


Champions Train, Losers Complain