Friday, May 10

Training on 11/05/2013

Dear Archers,

There will be training tomorrow for all archers! :D

For year 1s: 9am @ the field

For year 2s and 3s: 7.30am @ the Store

For the juniors:

Training will end at 4pm for the you guys. Please bring along the money for your equipment and BAC (for those who have not paid for it).

Fingertab: $18
Armguard: $8
Chestguard: $22

For those who have not completed your BAC please come tomorrow for the make up.

For all archers:

Please do not be late for training. Please also be reminded to bring your own towel and water bottle (minimum 500ml) for training.

If you are unable to attend training please inform any of the Captains with your reasons.

If not, see you guys tomorrow for training!! :D


Champions Train, Losers Complain