Sunday, May 26

Training STOP for Common Test

Dear Archers,

Sorry for this change of notice.

Please take note that there will be no training from now on until further notice. This is due to the Common Test and also the overseas trip that the seniors will be going for.

For those who are NOT going for the trip here are some things that you can do:

1. Go to the gym to build up your strength and muscles.
2. Do your own PT at home to maintain the physical strength.
3. Do your own bow training if you have your bow with you.

Please do keep your physical fitness level there as we will not be shooting for quite some time. By the time we come back from the trip, NTU Open will just be right around the corner so we actually do not have much time to train for it. So please do keep the momentum going.

Training will be quite tough when it resumes after the term break so please be prepared.

If you have any questions about what kind of PT or gym exercises that you can do, please feel free to ask. :)

For the juniors:

Please take note that the training regime for you guys will be the same as the seniors when school re-opens. That means:

- Warm up and cool down together.
- Set up and keep equipment together.
- All punishments apply to you guys and will be done together.
- Training time will start at 8am for you all on Saturdays.

Basically everything that applies to the seniors will apply to you guys as well. There is like this long list of stuff so I will tell you guys more when the time comes but this is to prepare you mentally first. :)

Also, please try not to miss so much training. If you miss training on a particular day, please find out what has happened for that training or what has been taught so that you are updated with the happenings of the club.

I am going to leave my number here for those who do not have it. :)

For ALL Archers:

Good luck for your common test! Please study hard and secure the 'A'! Remember not to fail any module if not cannot represent the school for competition!!!

LAST THING!!! It will be quite some time before I see you guys again so don't miss me too much! :p


Champions Train, Losers Complain