Wednesday, July 24

Indemnity Form

Indemnity Form
Hey guys!
Here's the indemnity form! Please print and submit it to Jay Kay by next Thursday (1 Aug 2013). If you are not sure of what to fill for certain parts, just leave it blank. The most important thing is your parent's signature and your particulars!

For those who weren't here yesterday, this is for the upcoming Leisure Camp 2013. It's a camp for us to bond over fun! It will be held from 27 Aug 2013 to 29 Aug 2013. Please keep those dates free!

Do note that there will be no training tomorrow (25 Aug) as there is a combined OEP sharing between the Lifeguards and the archers. Details are in the older post below. If you do not know how to go there, meet at Poolside first! Be punctual and put on your best behavior!

See you then :)