Friday, July 5

NTU Open

Dear Archers,

tomorrow is the day!

Here are the things that you need to know:

First will be your detailing.

Detailing for Competition

Please remember which board you are shooting at and who you are shooting with.

Next will be how you fill up the scoresheet.

I have filled up the scoresheet as an example for you to follow. Take note that 'X' is considered as '10'.


This is more for the juniors. Anything don't understand please ask as this is your first competition.

Next is how to get to the place.

How to get there

There are directions stated in the document. You can follow the directions given. For those who are taking the bus chartered by the school, the bus will be leaving the school at 6.45am. The place for you guys to gather will be the place where the school internal shuttle bus is. For those who are not taking the chartered bus, be at the NTU Field by 7.15am for competitors and 8.15am for the supporters.

Here is the schedule for the competition. Please note that there are some changes to the schedule that I have told you previously.

Competition Schedule

Please take note that only the top 16 teams in the Novice Category will be competing for TKO. The digit chart thingy I will brief all competitors again tomorrow. Do also remember that Novice Category will have 2 details and its in 1-2-2-1 format. A and B is detail 1, C and D is detail 2.

Next will be your attire. All competitors are to be in the competition jersey for both days. First competition day will be shorts, second competition day standardise with your teammates. All supporters are to be in Ngee Ann shirt (NP 50 for first day and S&W for second day) and shorts for both days. All Ngee Ann archers are not allowed to wear curve cuts. Please also be in shoes. The weather should be hot so please get your own sun shielding necessities.

Please remember to bring your STUDENT CARD, your WATER BOTTLE, and MONEY for lunch. Most importantly BRING YOUR BOWS AND ARROWS!!!

As your Captain I have seen everyone putting in their bestest effort in training up for this competition and I am very happy to see the improvement that you are making. Now, just go and enjoy the competition and we will handle the results from there.

That's all from me for now.


Champions Train, Losers Complain