Thursday, July 18

Study Break for Exams

Dear Archers,

July is coming to an end. Training will officially stop starting on 1st of August. There are still some training left before July comes to an end and I hope everyone will attend training from now till then. Attendance has not been good for the past few training and it doesn't really reflect very nicely on us. Yes I do understand that there are assignments and things like that but everyone has their own assignments and deadlines too. So if they can come for training why can't you?

Also, please do remember to text the captains AND Coach if you are not coming for training, coming late for training or leaving early for training. Do not just sit at the study area and do your work or not turn up at all and expect us to infer that you are doing your work and are not going to come for training. I think it's only responsible for you to update us that you won't be coming for training and at the same time make your attendance accounted for. It is not easy to keep track of everyone so please cooperate.

Thank you.


Champions Train, Losers Complain