Saturday, July 20

Upcoming events

Dear archers,

There are a few upcoming events for our club these coming weeks. We strongly encourage you to attend at least one, if not all of the ceremonies.

Combined OEP Sharing (compulsory for all)
This is a combined OEP sharing between Lifeguards (Australia) and Archery (Korea). We would like all members to attend as both CCAs share their experiences gained through their respective trips.
Date: 25 July 2013, Thursday
Venue: NPYA (Blk 16, Level 2)
Time: 6PM
Dress code
Korea OEP trippers: Team NP shirt with jeans & covered shoes
Juniors and non-trippers: Smart Casual with covered shoes

Awards Night 2013
This is where archers receive their Half Colours or Full Colors awards.
Date: 26 July 2013, Friday
Venue: NP Convention Centre
Time: 6:30PM
Dress code
Award receivers: archery jersey with jeans & covered shoes
Juniors and invited guests: Smart Casual with covered shoes

I've mentioned Sports Awards Night to some of you during Thursday's training. However, it's been decided that this will only be for the committee members. Detailed will be posted to them as well.

Do feel free to ask the captains any questions if you're not sure of anything. We will have another debrief on Tuesday.