Sunday, September 29

Hey Archers!

It's finally time for training camp! Well, we'll mostly be having training, learning of bow tuning and showing of video during the whole camp.

Activity: Training Camp
Date: 2nd to 5th October

We will be meeting at the Study Area, 8am sharp. Do not be late!

We will be staying at Block 50 (which means bring along a sleeping bag). Bring enough clothes to last 4 days and 3 nights too and of course, your water bottle and towel for trainings. Lunch and dinner will be provided throughout the whole camp. However, breakfast is only provided on the 2nd day, so bring some money.

Those that are unable to make it for this camp, please do message me your reasons. Not turning up without notice will not be tolerated. I will expect a notification from those who do not appear. For those who have already told me their reasons, send me a text nevertheless.

Also do take note that there will be no training tomorrow(30/09/13). Training will resume on training camp.

That will be all. See you all on Wednesday.