Saturday, October 19

POL-ITE 2013

Hi archers,

The time has come. 2 months back even before the holidays started, we planted our seeds. Today, we shall reap what we have sowed. Standing under the sun for the whole day is hard, but standing under the sun shooting for the whole day is even harder. We have went through 2 months of preparation, all for today and tomorrow.

Now that the day has come, there is no need to hold back your potential. Show the rest what YOU are made of. Show the rest what Ngee Ann has trained us to be. Most importantly, show the rest what champions are made of.

There are always ups and downs when we shoot. I have seen your ups, I have also seen your downs. Let's not be affected by our down times because today will definitely be your day where you reach your highest peak. Have faith in yourself, have faith in our team. Trust your skills, you are a Ngee Ann archer. That title itself shows that you have the skill. If you can't trust yourself, trust your teammates. If you can't trust your teammates, trust me. If you can't trust me, trust coach. The whole NP Archery is standing here with you, so just relax and shoot.

I know that some of you are still stressed about bringing home the medal. All I can tell you is don't worry about it. Today, I would like all of you to shoot and shoot only. Whatever burden or stress that you have, please pass them to me. Let me carry all the stress that you all have, so long as it helps you to shoot better. I am confident that everyone of us will do our best today. Like what I said on Thursday, so long as you do your best and leave no regrets after this competition, that's enough for me.

Seeing all the hard work that you guys have put in makes me extremely proud to be your captain. I am proud to be in blue today standing along you archers to fight together for one common goal. I hope you guys are as proud as me to be able to stand here together with one another. We may come from different schools with different backgrounds, but we are here today for only one reason, and that is to make our school proud.

The time has come. Time to show the rest how to spell the word 'champions'. NGEE ANN!!