Tuesday, October 15

Training + NAPFA

Dear archers,

Please note that there will be no training tomorrow (16/10). 

However, NAPFA is still on for those who haven't attempted or got your silver yet. 5pm at poolside. Please ensure you bring your Ez-link card or student pass! For those who have lessons till 6, just come down afterwards. For those who have lessons clashing with NAPFA, please try to excuse yourself for one lesson. If you can't, it's okay. 

There will be training on Thursday (17/10), 4pm onwards. 

Lastly, for those who wish to come down and support our team for POL-ITE @ SP this weekend, please text me personally by tonight (15/10), 10pm. 

That's all! Rest well and all the best for the first day of school tomorrow! See you all :)