Friday, December 20

Revised Training Dates

Hi Archers,

Here are the revised training dates and timings.

24 December - NO training
26 December - Half Day Training
28 December - Training until 3pm
31 December - Full Day Training

Also, Coach mentioned at the end of training today that we are supposed to plan our goals and events for 2014 as a club. So in the meantime, please try to think of what you would like us to plan and achieve together. This isn't limited to competitions or trainings only but also for the club to bond and to have fun. We'll share and discuss our ideas during Training Camp. For more information, please find out from the other archers who were present today (20/12).

Lastly, please remember to submit your indemnity form for training camp to me by tomorrow(21/12). Thank you!

Elena :)