Wednesday, January 8

Additional details for Open House 2014

Hi Archers!

During tomorrow's open house, archers who are on duty for the booth are required to
1) Teach the guests on how to shoot using hunter style which has been taught to you
2) Explain to the guests more about our club and maybe convince them to join NP and then join our club!

Safety is very important. (Eg: Always make sure that when clearing arrows, no one is shooting)

For each shift, it would be best if there are at least 1 bow to be displayed at the booth so that the guests can see a metal bow instead of just the wooden bow. If possible, you guys can bring your personal medals to display too! :)

For those who are doing the morning shift (9-1pm), please be at the store by 8am to help move the bows to atrium. By 9am, the people who are on duty should already be at atrium.

For the flash mob helpers, you will have to meet 30 minutes before the start of the duty at the store.
15 minutes before the start of the duty, you will need to gather at Makan Place's entrance to take attendance with CCA Champ if not you will not be given the CCA points and excuse letter. Board holders do not need to bring their bow but get the club signboard from the CCA Champ.

At each location, try to gain the crowd's attention and then draw your bows together. Hold for a few seconds. After putting down, shout "Welcome to Ngee Ann Polytechnic" and ask them to come down to atrium to try archery.

There will be 7 locations for you to go to.

This is the map with the different coloured stars to represent each location.

Light Blue Star

Yellow Star

Orange Star

Purple Star

Red Star

Red Star (Wet weather plan)

Dark Blue Star

Green Star