Tuesday, January 7

Open House 2014

Hi all!

Here is the schedule for the upcoming openhouse duties from 9 January 2014 to 11 January 2014. Please take note that the attire for the duties would be the pol-ite tee 2013, black shorts (black knee length shorts for the girls) and sports shoes.

Training on 9th January 2014 will start at 4pm as per normal. Training on 11th January 2014 will start at 8am as per normal. Unless you have duties for open house, you are to attend training.

9th January

9am - 1pm : HongHui, Ingrid, Ian, Sean Sim, Firdaus and YuXin.

12pm - 4pm : Crystal, Firdaus, Gail, HongHui, Gabriel, Midzi and Darren.
3pm - 7pm : Zhan Xian, Xin Kai, Alicia, Eugene, Hans and Sean Sim.

Flash mob ( 3pm - 4.30pm ) : Ian, Bing Guo, Xin Kai, Abraham , Jing Kang, Guo Ming, Benjin and Gail.

10th January

9am - 1pm : Sean Chia, Brandon, Xin Kai, Zunjie, Gabriel and Ian.
12pm - 4pm : Ingrid, Ian, Sean Sim, Xin Kai, Farhan and Yuxin
3pm - 7pm : Crystal, Xin Kai, Ian, Abraham, Myk, Eugene, Jiayi and Elena.

Flash mob ( 1pm to 2.30pm ) : Xinkai, Sean Chia, Brandon, Zhan Xian, Jing Kang and Guo Ming.

11th January

9am - 1pm : Xin Kai, Firdaus, Ingrid, Hans, Eugene, Karen, Zunjie and Benjin.
12pm - 4pm : Elena, Yuxin, Kelvin, Shenghui, Midzi and Darren.
3pm to 7pm : Kelvin, Xinkai, Sean Sim, Yufeng and Songli.

Flash mob (4pm to 5.30pm ) : Xin Kai, Abraham Wong, Yuxin, Ian, Elena, Jing Kang, Karen, Guo Ming, Crystal and Gail.

Hope to see you then!