Friday, January 31

Sp open 2014 detailing

Hi Archers!

Here are the details for SP Open 2014!
You may notice that there are some boards with 5 archers instead of the usual 4 archers in a 2 detail set up.
Due to the unexpected number of archers registering for this year's SP Open, we have decided this was necessary in order to accommodate the huge capacity. 
The order of shooting will now follow as such:
Details A and B will shoot 1st, followed by C, D and E
This will be alternated with each end.
Don't worry, i will brief you guys again next week!

A: Benjin 3B, Bing Guo 4B, Midzi 5B ---Hermes
B: Zun Jie 6B, Eugene 7B, Abraham 8B ---Poseidon
C: Jia Yi 21A, Xin Kai 22B, Karen 23B ---Hephaestus

A: Song Li 9B, Ian 10B, Jia Hao 11B ---Aphrodite
B: Joel 12B, Hans 13B, Eamon 1c ---Hades
C: Elena 16B, Alicia 17B, Gail 18B ---Athena
D: Alvin Chang lang pang 1A, Johathan Loke jia hao 2A, Sean Sim zhao ming,3A ---Hwang Guem

A: Firdaus 23B, Gabriel 24B, Guo Ming 25B ---Ares
B: Sean Chia 26B, Brandon 27B, Sheng Hui 28B ---Dionysus
C: Yuxin 33B, Serena 32C, Crystal 31B ---Artemis

A: Myk 26A, Ben 27A, Zhan Xian 28E --- Zeus
B: Kelvin 29A, JK 30A, Farhan 24B --- Apollo 

If you want to take a look on your board mates,
I've attached the excel file at the Facebook page.