Sunday, January 12

SP Open 2014

Hi Archers,

Please pass the indemnity forms to Benjin by 18 January 2014 (Sat) and the registration fees ($25) to Gail or Xin Kai by 16 January 2014 (Thurs). The indemnity form can be downloaded at our Facebook group.

Next, for the team names of SP Open, we have decided to let you guys choose which Greek God's name your team wants. However, it will be on first-come-first-serve basis. One member of each team should send a message the name that the team wants to JK on 13 January (Mon) at 5pm. If no member of the team send, we will just choose one for you. Please refer to previous post on your respective teams.

Therefore, please send in such format to JK:
Team name
1. Your name - I/C (birth cert) no.
2. Teammate's name - I/C (birth cert) no.
3. Teammate's name - I/C (birth cert) no.

The list of greek god names are:
1) Aphrodite
2) Apollo
3) Ares
4) Artemis
5) Athena
6) Dionysus
7) Hades
8) Hephaestus
9) Hera
10) Hermes
11) Poseidon
12) Zeus

Thank you!