Saturday, February 8

Day 2

Hi Archers,

Day 1 is over for all of you. And if you've done well enough or up to your expectation, good for you continue to work hard and the best are yet to come.
For those that are disappointed with your scores and shooting, don't worry because it's already over and get on with it. No point thinking over a fact that you cannot change anymore.

Remember this Form is temporarily & Class is permanent.  

  1. Things to bring tomorrow: Same as today (Even if you're not in IKO, everyone must bring your bow)
  2. Reporting time: 0710 hr at Dover MRT 
  3. Have your breakfast and lunch is provided tomorrow

Once i received the Email from SP. I will upload the overall ranking and which teams qualify for TKO on Facebook.

Lastly, whatever happens tomorrow, remember that we're one big family. We win together and lose together. Rest well and hydrate yourself.