Friday, February 7

SP OPEN 2014

Hi archers,

I hoped that i have explained everything clearly yesterday. In case you didn't come for training or did not understand my beautiful English. Here are the things to take note for.

1) The order of shooting will be follow at such:
Detail A&B will shoot 1st, followed by C,D&E (Take note of your detail alphabet) This will be alternated with each end. Timing will be changed to 8 mins instead of 4 mins.

2) Things to bring:

  •  Bow and arrows (Make sure that you check your equipment) 
  •  Fletches/Vanes and Nocks (Please keep them in your quiver)
  •  Ballpoint Pen (For scoring purposes)
  •  Towel
  •  Water bottle
  •  Umbrella(Optional)
  •  Extra Shirt (In case it rains and you're drenched and need a change of clothes)
  •  Student Card or Identification card 

3) Registration starts at 0800 hr. We will be meeting at SP's field at 0715 hr. For those who do not know how to get there, please meet at Dover MRT by 0700 hr(Take note of the change of time) Please be PUNCTUAL.

4) Have your Breakfast before the competition.

5) Attire:
Saturday: Jersey + Training shorts/Long pants + Covered shoes
Sunday: Jersey + Similar shorts/pants as your teammates + Covered shoes

No pressure,