Saturday, March 1

Training for NTU Open

Hi Archers!

Training will resume on Monday 03/03/14. Other training dates include Tuesday and Friday (04/03/14 & 07/03/14). All trainings will be from 8am to 1pm. Please report to the field with all your equipments and the fieset up the field by 8am as per standard procedure. There will not be any lunch break so do have your breakfast before coming for training. Also, please check that you have enough nocks and fletches/vanes and inform Coach should you need to buy more.

As we have a very limited time to train before the competition this coming weekend, we hope that everyone will do their best and train hard together! Please remember to inform any of the captains if you're unable to attend training too! Lastly, the Captains and Presidents will be away at camp from Monday to Wednesday, so please give your cooperation to the other committee members who will be leading training. Jiayou everyone!

Elena :)