Wednesday, April 16

CCA Fiesta 2014

Hi Archers,

1) CCA Fiesta

CCA Fiesta will be held from 22 April, Tuesday - 24 April, Thursday from 10am to 6pm at Poolside. As such, we require all archers to participate in this event to promote Archery to the incoming freshmen. It is especially important that we promote our club in order to recruit sufficient members for the year ahead. We will also be promoting our Funshoot that will be held the following week.

Each shift will consist of 6 Archers, 3 manning the booth and 3 walking around with your bows. In addition, please appoint 1 person per shift to bring their laptop to run a powerpoint of pictures to advertise our club. Excuse letters will be provided should you require them so please indicate in the sign up sheet should you require it. CCA Points will also be given for participation in this event.
We will also be displaying medals and trophies at our booth. So Archers who have won medals in 2012 and 2013, please bring them on 21 April, Monday. I will be collecting them at the clubroom from 12-2pm.

Please sign up for at least 2 slots each across all 3 days. Deadline for sign up is 18 April, 10pm.
The sign up sheet is attached here,
You can contact either Eugene or myself should you have any questions regarding the Fiesta.

2)  Funshoot and BAC

The tentative dates for Funshoot are 29/4, 2/5, and 8/5.
The tentative dates for BAC are 10/5 and 11/5.
We will keep you all informed should there be any changes to the dates. More details about these events will be released later in the coming weeks.

3) Training 

The renovation and installation of lights in our field has been completed! :D As such, we will be able to shoot until 9pm during our weekday trainings. However, there is a possibility that our training days may change to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in order to accomodate Coach's schedule. This has not been finalised yet and we will inform you all immediately once we have an update.

4) POL-ITE 2014 

We have been given the opportunity to host the 2014 POL-ITE games! This would mean that we all will be very busy with planning and that everyone's involvement will be very important in order to ensure that the entire event runs well. This also means that we'll have to train harder to defend our Championship on home ground!

Thank you and have a great last week of semester break and I look forward to seeing and training with you all again when school starts! :D

Elena :)