Monday, April 21

CCA Fiesta

Hi Archers,

CCA Fiesta starts tomorrow. It is imperative that we get everyone to actively participate and engage the freshmen in order to promote Archery to them and to pique their interest in our club.

Here are some things to take note of:

1) Archery Booth

Do NOT crowd at the booth. A maximum of 3 archers at the booth at any point of time. The other 3 archers will walk around the CCA Fiesta Area with their bows. You all can rotate with each other to man the booth or carry bows.

2) 1st Shift (Day One)

-The people who are supposed to carry their bows as indicated with a (B) in the image, please meet Eugene outside the Store at 10am in order to carry your bows and some other items for the booth. (You will only be required to carry your bow and fingertab for this event)

 With regards to the people carrying bows for Shift 2 and 3, please report to the booth first in order to check if you are required to go to the store to take your bows. This applies for all 3 days.

-For the other 3 archers in the first shift, please meet me outside our Clubroom at 10am.

3) Medals

To all archers who have won medals, please bring at least 3 medals each in order for us to display at the booth.

The purpose of displaying both the Cups and Individual Medals is to showcase the achievements of our archers, as a team and as individuals, as most people who are new to Archery will assume that Archery is an individual sport. Which in most cases it is but we can also explain to them about TKO and the Points/Medals system in order to win the Championship Cup. As such, by displaying our medals and cups, we are not only showcasing our achievements but also showing how Archery can be a team sport as well.

Attached here is the finalised shift duties for all 3 days. Please message me if you need to make any changes.