Tuesday, April 22


Hi Archers,

Coach's contract will only be in effect from the 1st of May, as such, we will be unable to shoot until 3rd May(Sat). However, we will still be having bow trainings. Training will resume tomorrow (23/04/14) at 5pm at the study area. Please ensure that your equipment is set up by 5pm so that we can start training promptly. Archers who are involved in the last shift for CCA Fiesta are not required to attend training for tomorrow. 

I know that this is quite an unfortunate news for all for us as we haven't had the chance to shoot since NTU Open or CIP. But please try to look at this in a different light. Take these few trainings of BT to regain your strength and to help you get back a feel of your form again. So that when we do start shooting, we will not be straining ourselves as much and we will feel more comfortable with our form again. Please be patient and we'll be back on the field shooting again in no time! :D

Lastly, please remember to message the Captains if you are unable to attend training. Thank you! 

Elena :)