Wednesday, April 16


Hi Archers,

1) Training

Starting from the new semester, trainings will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Training will start this coming Monday, 21 April 2014 at 4pm. Please bring all your equipment for training as we will be shooting. Please remember to inform the Captains and Coach if you are unable to attend trainings.

2) Funshoot and BAC

Funshoot dates have been changed to 28 April (Mon), 30 April (Wed), and 7 May (Wed). Please take note of these dates and ensure that you will be free to help out in order to promote Archery to the incoming Freshmen.
BAC dates have also been confirmed and it will be held on the 10th and 11th of May.

3) Equipment

Archers who have not yet paid Coach for your equipment, please do so by the end of June. This includes payment for fletches/vanes and nocks as well.

4) Leisure Camp Shirt Design

The colour of the shirt will be yellow (similar to Huang Geum). The design of the shirt will be open to everyone in the club. Please submit your designs to Crystal by 20th of May, 6pm. This should give everyone sufficient time to come up with ideas and designs for the shirts! However, do take note that there should not be any rude designs or wording on the shirt. Other than that, you are free to design it however you want. Once we have reviewed all the designs, we will pick 2 final designs and the club will vote for the design that they like the most. We look forward to seeing all of your designs!

Lastly, please remember to sign up for CCA Fiesta. Thank you!

Elena :)