Sunday, May 25

SP Friendly and Training

Hi Archers,

SP Friendly will be on the 21st June. You all are free to choose your own teams and distance for this friendly :) However, please take note that your distance has to be either the same as your previous competition (e.g POL-ITE/SP/NTU Open 2014) or higher. You cannot drop distance for this event. If you are unsure, please do ask Coach. Please choose your team and your distance and message the details to JK by this Thursday (29/05) latest. However, should you not wish to participate in this friendly, please inform JK as well.

To the Juniors:

Please take note that normal training regimes will also apply to you all starting next week. This would mean that you all are to help set up and keep your equipment together (wooden bows and school arrows). In addition, you are also required to help out in setting up of the field before training. Training will start at 5pm for everyone, those who end before 5pm please report to either the field or to the store to assist in set up. Please check with your group leaders if you are to help out on the field or in the store. And for those who end after 5pm, just come for training as well!

Lastly, please remember to inform the captains and Coach or your group leaders should you be unable to attend training. Have a good rest everyone and see you all tomorrow at training!

Elena :)