Tuesday, June 10

NUS Indoor: Detailing and Rules.

Hi Archers,

1. Overview of Competition Format

2 rounds x 10 ends x 3 arrows, 2 mins per end
•Double Detail (Detail order: 1 2 2 1)
–Detail 1: Archer A & B
–Detail 2: Archer C & D

NUS Challenge: Top 16 for IKO and TKO
Instituitional Challenge: Top 16 (2 Archers/School), Top 8 (1 Team/School)

- Archers will be given 1 end of controlled practice before starting their elimination event. 
- No shooting is allowed by archer when he/she is Byed or walkover.
- Archers/Teams will be assigned to lanes before commencement of each round. Each lane will only be assigned 4 archers/one team respectively. 

Practice Boards:
–For Sessions 1 to 3 (CLOSED during Session 4)
•2 boards will be allocated for practice (31 & 32)
Archers shooting at practice boards must follow timing. Due to space constraints in FOP, archers are encouraged not to crowd around practice boards

2. Rules 

2.1. Recurve TKO will be using the new set point system.
         - 4 ends of 6 arrows, 5 set points to win
         - Tie Breaker: 1 Horizontal Triple Face Target, each archer to shoot one arrow each.

2.2. Scoring (Recurve Intermediate and Open ONLY)
         - X and 10 ring = 10 points.
         - 9 ring = 9 points

2.3. $5 fine/occurrence for unauthorised access to FOP
         - There will be a fine imposed on the club should archers enter the FOP without the Manager Tags. Please take note of this and do not enter the FOP if it is not your category to shoot.

2.4. Archers will be informed via announcements to leave or stay in the FOP when other categories are scheduled to shoot. When informed to leave the FOP, side doors will be opened, and archers are to leave via the side doors.

2.5. Attire: POL-ITE 2013 Jersey for both days. Pants for TKO do not need to be the same. Competition shorts for girls (No shorter than your fingertips)

3. Detailing & Prize List
Bring your student card on both competition days. 



Lastly, please remember to submit your indemnity form to me by today (10/6) and good luck with CTs everyone!

Elena :)