Tuesday, June 17

This week training dates

Hi Archers

Do take note that there is no more training camp.

  1. Here is the schedule for this week's training dates:

Wednesday 5-9pm  (Taking video of form)
Thursday 8-5pm  (Taking video of form)
Friday 9-3pm  (Video showing @ LT 76 & Night time BBQ till 930pm @ Loft)
Saturday 8-5pm (Fun Shoot from 9am onwards)

*Reminder: Come 30mins earlier to set up the field.

     2.  All Seniors and *Juniors that bought bow already must have the following items by next training:

  •  Plier
  •  Pen Knife
  •  Lighter
  •  Screwdriver
  •  Allen Key
  •  Vane/ Alcohol swap
  •  3M Tape