Tuesday, June 24

Training and SP Friendly

Hi Archers,

1) Training on Wednesday (25 June) will be from 3pm to 8pm. Report at 2.30pm. There will be a dinner break provided.

2) SP Friendly will be on the 28th of June (Saturday).

Report to SP main field at 7.45am to help them set up boards. Ranking will start at 9am.
The program for the day will be Ranking in the morning, IKO and TKO in the afternoon.

For the juniors, we hope that you will be able to come down to watch the Friendly, this will give you the experience of how Outdoor Competitions is like in preparation for POL-ITE. Report to SP Field at 9am, please be in proper attire (T shirt and Shorts) and covered shoes.

3) Training

All Archers are to help with set up and packing of the field and the trolley. This means that you should come at least 30mins before the official start time of training. Starting from this Wednesday, punishment will be given if you are late. Being late means that you have not set up your equipment or if the field is not fully set up by the time the captains start warm up.

For the Juniors: You all are responsible for all the wooden bows (for shooting and BT), bow stands, arrows and the trolley. This will be the last reminder to you all to pack the school equipment properly and ensure that everything is accounted for and brought down to the store. Do not leave anything behind on the field and if you zip arrows, make sure to try to find them all as this is the school's equipment and a safety issue.

4) Form

Coach has stated that she will be more focused on Standard and Intermediate archers for our upcoming POL-ITE. As such, for Open and Novice(18m), should any of you feel that you need to ask Coach something about your form or about equipment, please approach her first and ask her directly. Please also bear in mind that Coach is only one person teaching all of us, so do ask her during an appropriate time and not when she is very very busy.
Additionally, for all Open Archers, if you are free, please do try to help the juniors with their form and their equipment and guide them as best as you can.

Lastly, POL-ITE is in 39 days. Remember our goal that we all set together, 8th consecutive year as Champions. This is what we need to remain focused on and bring that goal into our training. We all have our own personal goals for this coming POL-ITE, so how we all approach training is in our own mentality. How much do you want to achieve your own goals and maintain the Championship title and how hard are you going to train for it. I hope we all will think about that before our next training.